Social Media Reacts To Reports Of Mario Writing A Letter In Support Of Tory Lanez

Fans are not too happy with singer Mario for penning a letter in support of Tory Lanez.  

Mario joins the likes of fellow musician Iggy Azalea, who also wrote to Judge Herriford ahead of his controversial sentencing for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. 

In the note, Mario shared that he’s known Lanez for seven years and spoke highly of the artist who would “give his last for those closest to him.”

Mario also expressed surprise that Lanez would be violent towards a woman but asked that he and his son be “treated fairly.” 

Fans could not help but question why he was defending him. It’s clear that music fans are split on those that support Tory versus those that support Megan. Many would assume we know the whole story but let’s be honest, the ones that know what happened that evening are the individuals in the vehicle.

Yes, the courts decided based on testimonies of that evening to sentence the Canadian rapper/singer to 10 years. We must understand the night in question changed all their lives. It isn’t our place to place judgement on those that decide to stand by whom they consider a friend.