Married Couples: Should Your Spouse Have Your Phone Lock Passcode?

Repost by @PeninaBrown: It was refreshing to hear several men from the DMV call in and say, if you’re married, then both people, husband and wife, should know the other’s phone lock code (most of those callers were edited out for this repost, but they were aired live on our show). Now, we already know if a person feels the need to constantly look in a phone, they clearly don’t trust their spouse, or have their own insecurities, and either way, there are deeper issues within that relationship… but let’s not discuss the worst case scenarios… because those are the scenarios that end up in divorce anyway and the phone was simply the conduit & ultimately the demise of the marriage was inevitable. #tapin #frankskishow #withninabrown #whurfm @frankskishow @frankski