Michael Jackson Biopic Adds Nia Long to Cast

In Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming biographical drama about Michael Jackson, Nia Long will play Katherine Jackson, the King of Pop’s mother. 

Graham King the producer of the film said, “Beyond Nia’s incredible talent, I was deeply moved by her connection to the material and her commitment to honoring Katherine and the love she had for her son,” in a recent statement.

The cast will also include Jaafar Jackson, Michael’s real-life nephew will play Michael Jackson, and Colman Domingo will play Joe Jackson, the family patriarch.

John Logan, who also wrote the scripts for the James Bond movies “Skyfall,” “Sweeney Todd,” and “Gladiator,” wrote this biopic. The story will depict a “brilliant yet complicated man” who became one of the greatest performers ever.

Long recently starred in Netflix’s comedy “You People” and is best known for movies such as “Boyz n the Hood,” “Love Jones, Soul Food,” “The Best Man,” and “Big Momma’s House.”

The production is underway for “Michael,” which will open on April 18, 2025.