Check Out Black Twitter’s Response To ‘The Embrace’ Sculpture Of MLK And Coretta Scott King

The unveiling of the sculpture, named ‘The Embrace’ resembling the hug shared between Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, what most would assume an unexpected response from Black Twitter. The opinions came in heavy and hot.

The tribute displayed in Boston sparked less of an embrace and more of an outrage at the display. Some subtle, saying,” MLK, looking down at this: “This is not the dream I had.”

One person said, “Given that I am not White, I am safe from ANY charges of racism for saying the MLK embrace statue is aesthetically unpleasant. The famous photo should have been a FULL statue of the couple and their embrace. What a huge swing and miss in honoring the Dr & Mrs King. SAD!

Then to some more vulgar saying, “Coretta Scott King’s cousin says the new MLK statue “The Embrace” in Boston “looks like a pe**s”

Issac Hayes III shared, “Who thought THIS was a good idea for an MLK statue??  The “embrace” as it’s called looks for like The “munchies”.