Ne-Yo Shares Why He Didn’t Sign Lucky Daye

Many many moons ago, before Lucky Daye was even going by his stage name — Ne-Yo was trying to sign him.

“He was much younger, ya’know what I’m saying,” Ne-Yo recalled. “Things are good, I’m really digging his voice and his energy.”

Ne-Yo said he was going out of town and he let Lucky Daye stay at his house. “At this point I got a big beautiful house, I’m like ‘Bruh. You got full reign of the crib. Wherever you want to go- whatever you want to do. Just don’t go in my room.'”

Ne-Yo told the FAQ Podcast hosts that when he returned to his home he couldn’t find Daye, and “sure enough” he was asleep in the master bedroom with a girl.

“He didn’t have no excuse, what could he say? I gave you one rule. One. Told you one place you couldn’t go,” Ne-Yo shared, saying he was definitely upset at the time.

“Not only are you in my room, you in my bed. In my bed with somebody,” Ne-Yo said. “That was kind of the end of that situation.”

Lucky Daye is currently signed to Keep Cool Records And RCA. His hit song Roll Some Mo peaked on Billboard at number 8 and remained on charts for 26 weeks.