Omar Epps Recalls Embarrassing Prank Tupac Played On Him

This week, Marlon Wayans took over as The Daily Show’s guest host, welcoming several guests, including his close buddy Omar Epps.

Wayans and Epps being childhood friends went down memory lane.  The comedian couldn’t help but share a prank that was played on Epps while he was filming the 1992 hit movie, Juice with the legendary rapper. Epps embarrassingly recalls, “Oh my goodness. Are you really bringing this up?”

“What people don’t know about ‘Pac is, he was a funny dude,” as Wayans explains Epps slept with his mouth wide open, “‘Pac went and took his balls and put ‘em out and put ‘em right near Omar’s mouth.”

“Why did you just do that?” Omar Epps asked before adding, “I was mad at ‘Pac for that, though. I was super mad, like, ‘Yo, son. You really gone’ do that?’” Wayans interjected, “but you always get mad. You got to work on that. You got anger issues, man.”