Patti LaBelle Speaks Out After Tina Turner Tribute Performance at 2023 BET Awards: ‘I Did My Best’

Patti LaBelle talked about the autocue mishap during her Tina Turner tribute at the BET Awards on Sunday night (June 25).

Patti had trouble singing “The Best” due to audience members blocking the teleprompter. She sang off-script, apologized, and questioned her ability to see the lyrics as she told the audience, “I’m tryin’ guys!”

Patti talked emotionally about Tina to Entertainment Tonight after the moment went viral. “It meant no matter what voice I’m in ― I’m hoarse, I have a cold ― but whatever, I had to, I was giving it up for Tina Turner, ’cause she’s simply the best,” she said.

“So you heard a little tweak every now and then out there, but I love her, and I did my best,” said LaBelle.

She further expressed, “Tina was a trailblazer and someone I have a tremendous amount of respect for.”

After the passing of the legendary Tina Tuner, many fans paid tribute to her, such as Beyoncè, Diana Ross, Lizzo, and more.