How To Help Someone Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder : National PTSD Awareness Day

How To Help Someone Suffering From PTSD: National PTSD Awareness Day

1. Provide social support, Do “normal” things like hobbies and exercise with your loved one and follow their lead.

2. Be a good listener, Avoid being judgmental, but don’t give easy answers either.

3. Rebuild trust and safety, Make plans and keep them, establish a routine, and minimize stress at home.

4. Anticipate and manage triggers, Ask them how they’ve coped in the past and make a plan together.

5. Deal with volatility and anger, Remain calm, and ask how you can help. Be safe — leave the room or ask for help if necessary.

6. Take care of yourself, Stay healthy, be open with family, friends, or a therapist about your own feelings, and set boundaries