Rapsody Credits Sanaa Lathan With ‘Guiding & Supporting’ Her On New Album

Recently, Rapsody shared how Sanaa Lathan was a huge motivating force in the creation of her new album.

Rapsody said, “Sanaa was one of my guides and supporters on that journey. She offered so much insight, support, and tools to usher me through; as well as inspiring me with her own vulnerability. I’m grateful to have a friend in her and why I wanted to have this conversation with her first. She’s one of the biggest reasons I was even able to finish the album.”

She continued, “On a personal level, the things that you poured into me at the time that I needed it? God aligned it for me. Cause I was going through such a transition and a healing phase and really getting to learn who I was again. And you gave me so much. So many words and tools to help me on a journey. And for the fans, like, the album does not come without you.”

Sanaa added, “Rapsody never ceases to amaze me with her poetic genius. So thrilled to see her put out her latest masterpiece with this new level of vulnerability and authenticity; all layered over infectious beats. Can’t wait for the world to experience this one.”