Russell Simmons Calls Out Blog CEO To Address Rumors About Living In Bali

The Def Jam Founder was remaining in Bali to “amid legal woes”

Russell Simmons is clearing things up about his living situation. It was recently reported that Simmons plans to stay in Bali indefinitely as he fights a lawsuit from a woman accusing him of sexual assault. 

“I am not physically present in New York and I do not have an intention to live in New York in the future,” Simmons initially explained. “I own no property in the United States. I have been living in #Bali since 2018, which is where I intend to remain.”

Jumping on Instagram to address the CEO of a blog and the headlines indicating that The Def Jam Founder was remaining in Bali to “amid legal woes”, he stated, “Knock it off w/ the headlines. I’m in America all the time. For the last 7 years, I have hosted parties for openings, including the office for Hip Hop 50. I have an office on Wilshire Blvd (which I hosted a party for its launch). I stay at the 4 Seasons Hotel on Doheny. No one is or has ever been hiding.”

Calling out the CEO of the blog, he added, “Chuck you have seen me tons of times in America ni**a.”

He later spoke with Chuck Creekmur, admitting “People saying that I somehow can’t come home when I’m there all the time wears on you.”

The mogul added, “It wears on me after a while to keep hearing the same narrative, which is false. I’m always in L.A., I’m always in New York, and Miami. And I’ve never had any reason to feel unsafe in America.”