Police Say Multiple People Have Been Shot At A High School In Perry, Iowa Here’s What We Know:

Multiple people were shot at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa, on Thursday morning around 7:30 am local time.

Two gunshot victims were taken to a nearby hospital, and the suspect in the shooting has been identified but died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The shooting occurred before school was set to start, so there were few students and faculty present.

The incident took place near where Republican presidential candidates were campaigning for the Iowa caucuses.

Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante mentioned, “There is no further danger to the public. The community is safe.” He added in his briefing, “We’re just now working backwards, trying to figure out everything that happened.” 

Student Ava Augustus tells NBC News, “People were calling their parents and friends when they heard, “He’s down, you can go out.”

According to the UnityPoint Health system, two patients suffered gunshot wounds but no further details of their condition.

The investigation is ongoing.