Serena Williams Interested In Owning WNBA Team

Serena Williams has her eyes on the WNBA.

The retired tennis star told CNN she would be “super interested” in owning a WNBA franchise.

Serena says the investment would be “no risk”, pointing out that ” more people watched the college women’s basketball than the men.”

In her experience she states women’s sport is “an overly safe bet to me when it comes to investing.”

Williams embracing entrepreneurship has already invested in her 6-year-old’s name. Husband Alexis Ohanian posted to Twitter (X) “Olympia is now the youngest two-team owner in professional sports, and that their then-unborn daughter Adira was also a part owner of LAGC.”

Serena Williams pointed out how she was raised, saying, “My dad made us open our own bank accounts and I’m talking like we were super young. Obviously, he and my mom had to co-sign, but we had $100,” she recalled. “We were literally five or less, and we understood the importance of ownership.”