Settle this debate: #DaButt​ vs #TheTwerk​ — Are they the same?

Our @fox5dc family— @wisdommartintveee @msnewslady & @marissamtchll sparked this debate today! But y’all have GOT to hear this caller at the end of this post. She threw Frank under the bus, I thought I was ON the bus, and then she threw me under it too. 😂😂😂 So we decided to @remixgodsuede her call… It’s called Butt in the Diaper 🤣😩😭 Y’all I’m dead. Who want the smoke next??! 🤪😈😂

Shoutout to those in the #letterS club! Sorry #letterP folks… neither of these dances are for you. 😩😩😩😩

@frankskishow with @frankski & @peninabrown on @whurfm goes too hard. 🔥