T-Mobile Says Hacker Stole Data For 37 Million Customers

T-Mobile says a data breach exposed personal information for more than 37 million customer accounts. The company says a hacker stole the data earlier this month, including names, addresses, birthdays, and phone numbers.

Credit card information was not affected by the hack. It’s the second major hack in just over two years for T-Mobile, they paid $350 million to settle a 2021 breach that affected 77 million accounts.

“Our investigation is still ongoing, but the malicious activity appears to be fully contained at this time,” T-Mobile said

Senior Analyst for Moody’s Investors Service, Neil Mack said, “While these cybersecurity breaches may not be systemic in nature, their frequency of occurrence at T-Mobile is an alarming outlier relative to telecom peers.”

This comes after the 2021 data breach, that caused the company to pay $350 million to customers that filed a class action suit for the theft of their social security and driver’s license numbers. Almost 80 million customers were affected.