Take Back Our Community Thursday:

DC clergy step up to address crime and violence in their community. They’re offering a FREE Peace Camp for young people for two weeks in August. Click the link below to register.


Local activists speak out about what they want to hear from Biden vs. Trump during the presidential debate.



6/30/2024 DC Summer Camp programs aim to engage young on a more creative level. You can find registration information at the link below.


5/30/2024 Opportunity for DMV-area high school students to get an inside look at automotive industry careers.

The Future Leaders in Mobility Program is a week-long experiential program hosted by Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA) in partnership with the Greater Washington Urban League. 

APPLY HERE, DEADLING IS MONDAY, JUNE 2ND! https://www.gwul.org/futureleaders

Twenty-five rising juniors and seniors in high school will participate in interactive presentations and activities involving brands and departments, along with key topics that influence transportation today. In this immersive program, participating students will engage in and observe the various exciting automotive career paths such as manufacturing, engineering, marketing, public relations, finance, and dealership operations.
The program will run from, August 5-9, 2024, between the hours of 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at the VWGoA U.S. headquarters located at 1950 Opportunity Way, Reston, VA 20190.

Information and registration: https://www.metfest.com/

5/16/2024 Job Opportunities and Career Guidance for Youngsters in Prince George’s County

Information and registration: https://www.employpg.org/bridging-the-gap/

4/25/2024 Strategies to Address Disruptive Juveniles and Gun Violence

Stop the Violence Youth Event Athletic Republic Capital Region 6417 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD  20747 Saturday, April 27th, 12p-3p

4/18/2024 Activists Provide Safe Activities and Safe Spaces During DCPS Spring Break


Founded in 2016, Good Projects started with the Credible Messenger program, reaching students ages 18–21, setting them on a path to success. But as the Dream matured, the founders realized that in order to break the cycle of generational poverty, the GOOD needed to begin– and end– with families.


Pep Rally For Peace mission statement:

  • Present family friendly community service outreach events
  • Enlighten the youth, young adults, and seniors of our community of the issues facing the community in which they live
  • Educate the citizens of our community with the resources available to them
  • Empower our youth with community service and outreach through event development
  • Incorporate the youth, young adults, and senior citizens in our community outreach projects
  • Build unity amongst the citizens of our community
  • Equip, encourage, and engage our homeless and families in need with necessary community resources

4/4/2024 Adult Literacy Education

We discuss how adult literacy is the path leading away from the social ills in the communty.

For more than 35 years, Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School has provided high-quality education, career and student support services that change lives and improve communities.


Located in Washington, DC and serving residents ages 18 and older, we support more than 800 adult learners each year, whether they come to us looking to complete their high school education, gain a diploma, take college courses, develop job skills or advance in their careers.

Julius Martin, Dean Of Enrollment Management And Retention Operations, The Academy Of Hope Adult Public Charter School

3/21/2024 Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan Bates

We compare and contrast criminal justice reform between Baltimore City and Prince George’s County.

Ivan Bates, Baltimore City State’s Attorney

3/14/2024 Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy

This may be one of the most critical times for county’s top prosecutor. There’s been an uptick in juvenile crime, concern in the community about public safety and criminal justice bills have grabbed headlines and the attention of Maryland lawmakers in Annapolis.

Aisha Braveboy, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney

3/7/2024 Former Montgomery County Police Chief On Making Communities Better/Safer

Clarence Edwards has more than 38 years of extensive experience directing critical law enforcement, security and contingency management operations for agencies at the county, state, and federal level. He currently is an independent law enforcement and security consultant.  He was Assistant Commissioner of the Federal Protective Service, then within the United States General Services Administration (GSA). Edwards began his law enforcement career with the United States Park Police and retired from that force in 1984 holding the rank of major. He subsequently served as commander of the Maryland-National Capital Park Police from 1985 until 1991 when he was appointed chief of police for Montgomery County, Maryland. He was Maryland’s first African American county police chief and served in this capacity until 1994.

2/22/2024 Reaching Young People About Crime and Violence

Young Mindz, Inc., https://youngmindzincorporated.com/

The Young Mindz Incorporated (Y.M.I.) mission is to build community leaders by giving
at risk youths a sound alternative to gang membership. Y.M.I. promotes the de￾proliferation of gang membership and provides our at risk youths with a family structure. Where possible,Y.M.I. seeks to change the direction of existing gangs. Y.M.I. seeks to lead all at risk youths towards a personal and life changing encounter by empowering them with the tools to become leaders within our communities.

Kevin Jones-Bey, Vice President, Young Mindz, Inc.

2/1/2024 Youth Crime and Services for Young Families

Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative: https://www.fsfsc.org/

Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative (FSFSC) was formally established in April 1996 through a Neighborhood Collaborative Capacity Grant made possible through the federal Family Preservation and Support Act.

In seeking to build a healthy community, FSFSC embraced the following values:

​All children need and deserve stable and healthy families.

All families need a safe neighborhood and supportive community in which to live.

Children and families need educational, occupational, and economic opportunities.

Civic pride and community vitality can be fostered through the participation of residents in community affairs.

Dionne Reeder, CEO, Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative

DC Office of Safety and Neighborhood Engagement: https://onse.dc.gov/

Our mission is to foster community-based strategies to help prevent violence and increase public safety. Our strategy is rooted in a public health approach to violence prevention, recognizing that reducing crime is not accomplished through law enforcement alone.

DC Councilmember At-Large Robert White, Jr.: https://dccouncil.gov/council/councilmember-robert-c-white-jr/

Robert White, Jr., DC Councilmember At-Large

1/25/2024 Supporting Survivors of Gun Violence and Other Crimes

Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, Inc. https://www.mdcrimevictims.org/

MCVRC’s victim advocates and attorneys serve victims of crime in every jurisdiction in the State of Maryland by providing a diversity of services including: information, referral and assistance; direct legal representation; court accompaniment; support groups; community education; criminal justice education; policy advocacy; technical assistance for allied professionals and criminal justice agencies; and faith-based referrals.

Ayana J. McAllister Legacy Foundation: https://ayanamcallister.com

The mission of the Ayana J. McAllister Foundation is to deliberately engage minority communities disproportionately impacted by gun violence through advocacy and educational strategies. Our intention is to significantly reduce incidents of homicide, suicide and acts of violence resulting from the irresponsible use of firearms by high risk individuals.

1/18/2024 Resources For Youth, Fathers And Boys In Prince George’s County

The Prince George’s County Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/boards-commissions/commission-fathers-men-and-boys

The Prince George’s County Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys is an advisory board established in 2019. It provides guidance to the County Executive, the County Council, County agencies, and the public on issues and needs of fathers, men and boys in Prince George’s County, MD according to Council Bill 9-2017. The Commission empowers fathers, men and boys, by advocating policies and procedures that support issues concerning this associated group.

Free Prince George’s Community College Tuition https://www.pgcc.edu/go/scholarships/local-impact-grant/

Men’s Challenge Events for February https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/tags/mens-challenge

Men Under Construction Rights of Passage and Young Men Development https://www.galilee-cdc.org/men-under-construction

Atty Bruce Edward, Vice Chair, Prince George’s County Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys
Edward Burroughs III, District 8, Prince George’s County Council

1/11/2024 Mentoring Young Black Males

Yaay Me! https://www.yaayme.org/

YAAY ME, INC. will transform communities through transforming: youth and adults, their families and those who serve them. We will achieve this through our principles of leadership (self & community), self-education, character education and career exploration.

Dr. Warees Majeed, Co-founder, Yaay, Me!

Reality Check Mentoring, Inc. https://realitycheckmentor.org/

To encourage personal growth in young males of color, ages 10-17, through mentoring focused on character development and education geared toward life skills, social and cultural awareness, conflict resolution, and critical thinking.

Jermaine N. Johnson, Founder/CEO Reality Check Mentoring, Inc.

1/4/2024 Help for Single Parents and Conflict Resolution in the Community

DC Action



Youth Town Hall 5-8PM January 17th, Ages 11-22 1816 12th Street, NW, DC

We’re uniting all those fighting on behalf of DC’s children and youth to pursue a single, shared vision for what it looks like to grow up in our city. Because, while childhood exists on a continuum from birth to adulthood, the systems, programs and organizations designed to support our children and youth are too often fragmented by age.

Together with our young people, parents and community partners, we’re advocating with one voice for public policies that support kids at every step from early childhood to early adulthood. We are stronger, louder and more effective together. And, whether we are focused on helping a toddler learn her letters or a young man pursue his professional passion, we share one goal: that all of DC’s children and youth grow up safe, resilient, powerful, and heard.

Kimberly Perry, Executive Director, DC Action

One Flag Charities, Inc. https://oneflag202.org/

One flag is a Washington, DC., community based organization deprived of members that are native Washingtonians with some being returning citizens. This organization has been formed in response to the growing number of homeless and low income families in the Washingtonian Metro Area. Our mission is not just to provide meals to the growing homeless and poverty stricken community, but to engage the community in the fight against hunger as well as provide and assist with conflict resolution with our Nation’s youth. Violence amongst the youth has devastated our community and our hope is to provide education and tools to assist our young in making more sound decisions. One flag has expanded and added a West Coast chapter which is based on Los Angeles, CA comprised of of former gang members and ex-offenders whom now are successful returning citizens geared towards giving back to their communities. These are brothers who are committed to changing the conditions within the inner city of Los Angeles, CA. Some One Flag Members were once deemed apart of the problem but are fully committed to being a huge part of the solution.

Julian Johnson, President, One Flag Charities, Inc.
Albert Jackson, Vice President, One Flag Charities, Inc.

12/14/2023 Vocational Education for Young Women and Prince George’s County Students


YWCA National Capital Area: Young Women In The Trades


The goal of the YWIT program is to expose more women to the non-traditional trades. We want more women placed in apprenticeship programs and jobs. Women only make up 14% of active apprentices and only 4% of the workforce in construction trades. The average salary for workers in the trades is $50 – 70K, according to Salary.com 2023. Through this program, you will receive help preparing to pass entrance exams, interviews and the job application process.

Prince George’s County Public Schools Career Technical Education


Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, career-oriented exposure, and the knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. Students may also gain work experience through internships, job shadowing, on-the-job training, and industry-certification opportunities. Students in CTE programs may opt to enter the workforce upon graduating from high school or they may matriculate to a college or university.

12/7/2023 Men’s Groups Step Up

Last week we heard from several woman-led organizations, working to improve our communities. This week, we hear from men who are doing the same.


Project Alpha: https://www.kelef1906.org/

Stem 4 Us: https://www.stem4us.org/

SAFEO (Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities): https://www.safeo.org/

Johnny Laffeyette Carter, “Coach Carter”, Founder, SAFEO (Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities)
Gene Carson, Chair, Project Alpha, Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Talib Karim, Executive Director, Stem 4 Us, Committee Member, Guide Right, Hyattsville/Landover Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

11/30/2023 Single Mothers Raising Black Boys

We don’t have to tell you some of the uncomfortable truths behind the wave of carjackings and robberies in the DMV. Many of these crimes are committed by black boys and young black men. Some, not all, but some are coming from single mother households. In 2022 of the 4.15 million black families in the u-s, 3.4 million are headed by single mothers. We’re talking to single mothers who are raising black boys and changing the narrative in their communities.




Depelsha Thomas McGruder,
Founder/President, MOBB UNITED
Kimberley Robinson Alexander
Executive Director, MOBB UNITED
Asiyah Timimi, Founder/CEO, ROCK Now, Rehabilitating Our Community is Key

11/6/2023 Teen Programs

You’ve probably seen the viral video of what appear to be very young DC teenagers, contemplating committing a crime and debating the possible charges. It is a heartbreaking glimpse into the state of some of our young people in the DMV. Even as we see this happening, we’re very aware that the community is crying out for resources, programs, help of any kind keep our teenagers on the right track. For this Take Back Our Community Thursday, we’re bring some of the those resources to you.





Janice Murphy, President, Light The Way Foundation
Philip Burk, Program Director, Capital Guardian Youth Challenge Academy
Kimberly Booker, Director, Institutional Advancement & Community Impact, TIS Foundation