Molette’s Mom Chat: Talking to Kids About George Floyd

Upper Marlboro, Maryland (Wednesday, June 3, 2020) – It’s a tough topic for even the most seasoned professionals.  While the world is seeing the daily protests and even the violence play out on television and social media for over a week, parents are having to answer some challenging questions from their children about the unrest in the wake of the police death of George Floyd.  “Why are they protesting, why are the police pushing the people, why did that officer knee like that on George Floyd’s neck didn’t he know that would hurt?”  These are just some of the questions parents have told us their young children have been posing.

Teens have been even more inquisitive.  “Why are police allowed to keep getting away with murdering unarmed Black men, can I go down and protest too, when will the other officers get arrested, and when will racism finally be over?”   Our very own Molette Green sat down and talked with her two daughters recently, giving them a platform to just speak their truths.  IMG_2993

Most experts say it’s best to check on your children frequently and listen to their concerns while having age appropriate conversations.  They also say youth and adults should not watch the events unfold all-day.  Limit the amount and frequency of what  you are taking in.