Teenager Apologizes To Cam Newton: Stop Vilifying Our Black Boys!

Repost by @PeninaBrown: We did an update on the teenager who heckled Cam Newton and clearly I feel a way about it. I think it’s crazy that WE vilify our own kids. White America does that enough for us! And oop, let’s not forget Cam Newton has “dropped the ball” in life, like most of us humans, but suddenly we can’t look past a teenager who made a verbal mistake. He didn’t curse. He didn’t throw no blows. He didn’t stab no one. Nothing. He talked trash like most athletes do— and he’s been crucified as a result. Y’all doing the most. I said what I said and I will not make any apologies for it. I believe in our kids and I believe they are allowed to make mistakes and can still grow up to be amazing. It takes a village to raise them, so raise them— and do better since y’all claim to know better. @frankskishow @frankski @peninabrown @whurfm