The City of Rockville Offers Voter by Mail Election

The city of Rockville is joining 22 other states by allowing residents to vote through the mail. The measure was approved by residents in April of 2018. This change makes Rockville the first city in the state of Maryland to do so. Voters will be able to fill out ballots and mail them back or they can personally deliver them to city hall. Officials say registered voters of the city will begin receiving their ballots in early October.

Sara Taylor-Ferrell, the City Clerk and Director of Council Operations, said the number of registered voters has increased dramatically from November 2015 to date. Ferrel and the council are hoping this new mail ballot system will increase participation even more. According to Ferrel, the voter turnout for the last three municipal elections was at 16 percent. She claimed it was a worrisome trend they hope this new system will improve.

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Important Election Dates:

May 1, 2019– Candidate application information made available.
Sept. 7, 2019– Candidates announced
Sept. 20, 2019– Last day to register in order to receive your ballot automatically by mail.
Oct. 7, 2019– Ballots are mailed to registered voters.
Nov. 5, 2019– Election Day! Ballots must be received by 8P.M.
In person, at City Hall or by mail.

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