Today On The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown: Nina and Raheem take on Amber Rose

For parents, it can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to talk to your kids about important topics — and that goes double for sex, as most parents feel clueless about how to introduce their children to such a complex issue. But on the most recent episode of Red Table Talk, Amber Rose revealed she has already broached the topics of consent, women’s health and sex with her 7-year-old son Sebastian.

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Today, Wednesday, October 28th was filled with the latest surrounding Amber Rose. She was talking to her 7 year old about sex on red table talk.

What we want to know DMV: What is an appropriate age to talk to kids about sex? How did you have the talk? Call us ! 202-432-WHUR, call the Frank ski show with Nina Brown to weigh in!

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  • Amber Rose Teaching 7-Yr-Old Son About Sex and Periods: ‘I’m Not Hiding NOTHING from (Him)’, click for more details

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