{WATCH} Dad Arrested After Toddler Caught On Camera With A Gun

A man faces charges after his toddler was caught playing with a loaded gun on video.

The young boy was seen unsupervised, wandering the halls in a diaper while waving and pointing the firearm, in an apartment complex in Beech Grove, Indiana. A neighbor captured footage of the child on her phone. The video was aired by Reelz series “On Patrol: Live,” during the TV show’s live broadcast on Saturday, Jan. 14, according to a news release.

The boy’s father, Shane Osborne, is looking at a felony charge for neglect of a dependent.
Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley released a statement to WTHR saying he was “mortified” about the incident.

“As with all of you, I’m mortified and what took place and I’m so thankful that no one was hurt, especially the young child. I appreciate the quick action taken by the Beech Grove Police Department to secure the small child and the gun in question.”