Uncle Luke Claps Back At Gloria Velez’s Claim That He Groomed Her

Uncle Luke is responding to Gloria Velez‘s recent revelations. Taking to Instagram Live, the ex-2 Live Crew leader blasted the podcast host for her accusations, claiming that he’s always minded the legalities around working with minors due to his own signings to his label. 

“We know the rules and the regulations of this sh-t,” he began. “You know what you got to do when you sign an underage person? You gotta go get consent by the court. The kid gets his own lawyer, parents get their own lawyer, then you have your lawyer. That’s how you — man, I don’t play about that paperwork!” 

He continued: “ain’t none of them dude’s man. I don’t know what the fu-k they talkin’bout. So make it make sense. Bring all the smoke. I ain’t hard to find. I’m not hard to find. Everybody gon’run with their own thing and create their own narrative.”