What Is Your Type? Or, Do You Have One?

Tonight at midnight we’re asking: Do you have a certain “type?” Some say no. However, when you look at their past few relationships, there might be a common thread. Do they look similar? Act similar? I didn’t think I had a type but, my friends say that I definitely do. Let’s talk about You tonight. What turns you on most in a potential partner? What are you looking for?

Later tonight, we’ll be joined by beautiful, talented singer, Sylver Logan Sharp! Remember Sylver as one of the lead singers from the group, “Chic?” Well, she’s an amazing independent artist. A proud graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and we love having her on Pillow Talk With Angela. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts on tonight’s topic! She obviously has a type! I’m talking about her talented husband. Keyboardist, Producer, and Musical Director, Daryl Hunt.

Sylver Logan Sharp has an upcoming show at the Public Playhouse, this Saturday, December 14th. www.sylverlogansharp.com

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