Maya Angelou’s Life And Legacy Head To Broadway

Contributed by Nia Seaton 

The life and legacy of Maya Angelou is headed to the Broadway stage. As a poet, author, actress, and the list goes on and on, Angelou’s story is inspirational and what better way to tell that story than on the big stage.

With the help of Maya Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson, he was able to push for the telling of her story.

“My mother lived an extraordinary life,” her son Guy Johnson shares in a statement. “She brought a sense of passion to living and invested herself wholly in it. What she wanted most was justice for all human beings, and the freedom to experience joy and laughter.  

“We’re just not using the gifts she gave us. She told us ‘when we know better, we do better.’ I hope this play will be an antidote to these challenging times.”

The stage play is set for 2021 release date. In  2014 Angelou passed away, yet her legacy will live on for generations to come.