Rihanna Launching Lingerie Line?

Rihanna will be coming to collect our coins, yet again as she is rumored to be dropping a lingerie line with TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics. There is no exact launch date as of now but it will definitely be a win-win situation because it seems like everything Rihanna co-signs turns to gold.

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Netflix Presents “Def Comedy Jam 25”

Back in 1992, there was no Instagram or Twitter when “Def Comedy Jam” premiered on HBO. There was only one way that stand-up comedians could garner the audience they wanted beyond the club tours, and that was to get a shot on TV.

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Steve Harvey Gives Teacher, Who Said He’d Never Be On TV, A TV Every Year

Steve Harvey has become one of entertainment’s biggest examples of how dedication and resilience can lead to success. However, his road to becoming the man he is today was not always filled with the positivity that warrants a successful life.

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Michelle Obama – Best Candidate for 2020 Election, Poll Says

Not even a full year after Donald Trump’s election as president, many people have already begun strategizing on how to ensure that he is not elected for another term. Glamour Magazine reports that Douglas Schoen, a pollster who worked on with the Bill Clinton campaign, suggests that our former First Lady Michelle Obama would be the perfect candidate to run.

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Divorce Documents Reveal Mary J. Blige Owes IRS $6.5 Million

Mary J. Blige is still battling her soon-to-be ex-husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs in court for the final settlement for their divorce. At the beginning of August, she filed an Income and Expense declaration that gave Blige a temporary order to pay her estranged husband a whopping $430,000 a month.

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