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Facebook Whistleblower Testifies on Capitol Hill

Ex-Facebook Employee Says network hurts kids, fuels division

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Facebook Says No To Trump

Facebook board upholds Trump ban, just not indefinitely

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Facebook Building Their Own Version of Clubhouse?

This won’t be the first time Facebook copied an idea.
Facebook, who owns Instagram, copied Snapchat by creating Instagram Stories.
What do you think of a Facebook version of Clubhouse?

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Michelle Obama Joined By Barack For Online Reading Series

Michelle Obama has been reading midday Monday for the past several weeks in support of families with small children at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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BET Creating Series Celebrating HBCU Homecoming

Each episode will examine how the schools shine during homecoming, from the football game that brings the glory, to the tailgate that brings the fellowship, and the Greek life that represents a lasting generational connection.

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Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan For Hate Speech

“We know that there are still white supremacists and other extremist figures who are actively using both platforms to spread their hatred and bigotry,” said Keegan Hankes, senior research analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups in the U.S.

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THE JOURNEY: “Maxine Williams”

Maxine Williams, Global Head of Diversity for Facebook, explains how setting goals and having principles helped as she moved from a small village to Yale to Oxford and then to the world of corporate professionals.

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