Meta Launched AI Character Chatbots Played By Celebrities And Influencers

Meta, the owners of Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp, recently launched AI character chatbots played by celebrities & influencers. It is rumored that some of the contracts are worth up to 5 million dollars.

Some people participating in the partnership are Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Dwayne Wade and Naomi Osaka. They each act as the face of AI chatbots with unique personalities and backgrounds developed by the Meta team.

The AI chatbots even go by different names than their celebrity counterparts. For example, Kendall Jenner’s bot is Billie, a supportive big sister, while Paris Hilton’s character, Amber, is a detective. Social media users are questioning the ethics of the bots and how it could negatively impact parasocial relationships.

One person who talked with Billie detailed how the AI chatbot told them to come over and even sent them an address. 123 Main St, New Jersey. Before messaging the AI chatbots Instagram makes a disclaimer that AI generates, “Messages Some may be inaccurate or inappropriate.”

You can now message these AI chatbots via Instagram DMs.