Judge Mathis Returns to Television with Allen Media Group

By Shanell Holback @nellywrites_

A few days after Warner Brothers announced the show ‘Judge Mathis’ would be canceled after
20 years on air, the daytime judge from Detroit has not hung up his robe just yet.

On Feb. 21, Judge Greg Mathis announced that he has teamed up with Allen Media Group and is
actively pitching a new show “Mathis Court with Judge Mathis” to broadcast and cable networks
for a fall 2023 launch.

Allen Media Group is a Black media company founded by Byron Allen and currently runs eight
court series on its network. On Instagram, Mathis announced that he was still in the judge show
business and looking into working with a Black studio following the cancelation of ‘Judge

“Hey folks, I’m sure by now you know that Warner Brothers is getting out of the judge show
business, canceling me and People’s Court, but the good news is, the other studios aren’t getting
out of the judge show business. And as you can see with this robe still on, something might be
happening real soon. And in fact, if it does happen, it’s going to be and it will (be) with a Black
studio this time.”