Alex Trebek Donates $100,000 to LA Nonprofit

Contributed by Diamond Bullock

Amidst his fight with stage IV pancreatic cancer, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has reportedly committed the selfless act of donating $100,000 to Los Angeles nonprofit Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. The nonprofit focuses on preventing, reducing and eliminating poverty, hunger and homelessness in 12 California locations. It is a faith-based organization that values compassion, integrity, faith, diversity, and growth. It also owns several thrift stores, which is a source of funding for its facilities that house the homeless.

President and CEO of the nonprofit, Ken Craft, shared with Yahoo Entertainment that Trebek has made multiple donations over the past few years. Craft reached out in hopes that Trebek would be generous enough to help fund the non-profit’s expansion of three additional facilities. However, Craft did not expect a personal phone call from Trebek requesting a personal tour of the North Hollywood shelter. After the tour, Trebek reached out again by phone to inquire about the non-profit’s finances, including the overall budget and Craft’s personal salary. Trebek and Craft met once again, but this time, at Craft’s home. After a conversation of Trebek admiring Craft’s responsible handling of the non-profit finances, Trebek provided Craft with a $100,000 check. Trebek followed by extending an invite to Craft and his wife to attend a live taping of a Jeopardy episode. During a scheduled commercial break, Trebek introduced Craft and wife to the audience and took a photo with the couple.

Craft posted to his personal Facebook account about the story behind the donation, calling Trebek “an incredibly kind, gracious, and generous man.”