Black News Channel To Launch In January

Contributed by Rebecca Johnson

A news network for and by African Americans will launch at the top of the new year. Black News Channel, or BNC, is a news network that will serve as the nation’s only African American news network.

The network is founded by former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts and TV executive Bob Brillante.

“The launch of BNC will be a historic event, and our highly qualified journalists are chomping at the bit to be on-air now,” says Bob Brillante, co-founder and CEO for BNC in a statement.

“Our network is about providing intelligent programming that is informative, educational, inspiring and empowering to our African American audience, so they are participants in a national conversation,” says J.C. Watts, co-founder and chairman for BNC.

Programming includes shows surrounding HBCU life, HBCU sports, financial management, sports and more.

“BNC will not just tell a story, but the network will tell the entire story. The network will empower the black community and address the issues of the day in a way that is fresh, bright, and complete. BNC will offer real, responsive, reliable and relevant news coverage by and for African Americans,” says their about page.

BNC will operate 24/7 and will be available in 33 million households in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. The network did a trial run where they were available in eight million homes as a trial to test live programming.

The network has made carriage deals with Comcast, Charter and Dish Network, according to Deadline.

Black News Channel will launch January 6, 2020.

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