Floyd Mayweather Announces Coming Out Of Retirement

Contributed by Nadira Jamerson 

Floyd Mayweather has fans waiting in anticipation after his latest announcement that he will be coming out of retirement in 2020.

On Thuesday night, this iconic fighter posted a photo of him wearing boxing gear with the caption “Coming out of retirement in 2020.”

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Coming out of retirement in 2020

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The announcement seemed bizarre to many, in light of Mayweather’s earlier statement this week that he would be never be returning to boxing. According to the NY Post, Mayweather said that he would be leaving this “very brutal sport.” In this same article, the 42-year olf boxer explained that he had been asked several times to return to the ring, but declined because “my health is my wealth.”

It is unclear why Mayweather has changed his mind and ended his retirement yet again. In 2015, Mayweather came out of retirement to fight McGregor. Some speculate that Mayweather may be retuning in order to have a rematch with Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao. There has also been talk that McGregor himself has been making remarks about another fight with Mayweather.

Mayweather himself only gave a vague announcement via Instagram that fans could expect an undescribed event with him and UFC boss Dana White sometime in 2020. 

Since Mayweather’s announcement, fans have begun to get excited to see what this latest emergence from Mayweather will bring.