2 Chainz Pays Nearly $100K in Tuition for Three Kids

We all want the best for our children, but how much is too much?

2 Chainz posted a text exchange between he and his wife.

The text was a reminder that tuition was due for their three kids and the cost per child.

The tuition for his 9th grader is $31,000+

The tuition for his 5th grader is $38,000+

Tuition for his 1st grade is $26,000+

This brought his tuition bill to $96,530.

2 Chainz replied to his wife, Kesha hell, I’m fina send ya kids to Duke for this kinda money. One fan wrote, Maaaaan public school not THAT bad, bruh. Geez! That’s more than my teacher salary. Damn wut they teachin first graders that cost $26,000 tho?

Even if money was not an issue for you and your family, could you see yourself paying this much for elementary and high school?