Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Calls Out TI For Spreading Misinformation

Felicia Moore is calling out T.I. saying he spread misinformation that she said caused her to lose a run-off election to City Councilmember Andre Dickens on November 30th.

T.I. had shared a news article that said Moore wanted to tighten restrictions on recording studios. “Excuse me Mrs @feliciamooreatl but… Our Culture Runs This Town Ma’am!!” wrote T.I. on IG. “These studios (and the creatives that work in em) have laid [the] foundation and paved ways to create opportunities for this city like nothing else could.”

“They lied then, saying I wanted to close all recording studios,” Felicia Moore told TMZ about T.I. and Issac Hayes III, who she also blamed for her defeat. “The legislation would have never closed anything. It would only be for new ones.”

Moore told TMZ that T.I. also put out information saying she wanted to close strip clubs and says she hadn’t discussed stripclubs since the general election. Prior to the election T.I. posted a news headline which read: “Woman Running For Atlanta Mayor Promises To CLOSE ALL STRIP CLUBS!!!” His caption for the Instagram post read, “Respectfully of course. GO VOTE TOMORROW!! @andre4atlanta #byefelicia [waving hand emoji].”

Do you think celebrities have the power to sway voters?