COVID Halting Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ Production

As a new variant of Covid is among the world, popular Netflix series Bridgerton has stopped production indefinitely.

Deadline reported “We hear that Netflix has paused production for an indefinite period of time as the streamer and producers at Shondaland establish a timetable for a safe return amid the Delta variant of coronavirus surging across the UK.”

After a second positive Covid test in one week, an executive decision was made to halt production until workers could safely resume. Cast and crew members are tested daily to ensure a minimal spread and ensure the safety of those on set.

“Nearly 52,000 people tested positive for coronavirus in England on Friday, while there were 49 deaths. Despite the rise of the virus, the UK government is pushing ahead with reopening the country on Monday, when all legal restrictions on social contact will be removed.”

Season 1 became Netflix’s most viewed series after it was watched by 82 million households around the world. The show was also nominated for 12 Emmy Awards this week.