Donnell Rawlings Goes Off On Corey Holcomb

Donnell Rawlings recently performed at the Laugh Factory and took the opportunity to share how he feels about Corey Holcomb.

It appears that Holcomb’s insult to Rawlings was what started the entire incident at the Laugh Factory. Corey went on after Donnell, and he began screaming outrageous allegations and jabs at Donnell and Dave Chappelle’s expense. 

A video emerged of this confrontation in which Donnell is defending Dave, to which Corey refers as an average comedian. Corey then questions Donell’s “street cred” as they argue back and forth in the video, which shocked fans.

Donnell ultimately decided to leave the situation before it became really dangerous. On the other hand, he expresses his desire to discuss the matter with Corey in a more relaxed atmosphere, with the expectation that they will be able to put their disagreements to rest. Seems as it is becoming a new trend for comedians to attack one another’s skills and their credibility.