‘Family Matters’ Jaleel ‘Urkel’ White Tried To Physically Fight TV Mom

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, JoMarie Payton who played the mom, Harriet on the ABC series Family Matters was asked about comments Jaleel White aka Urkel made in an interview. He said the cast of the TV show was not happy for his success. JoMarie immediately responded, he needs to get over whatever is biting him. She shared a story about a disagreement they had about a particular scene. She said Jaleel was so mad that he started kicking and screaming so she walked off the set. He said something under his breath and she asked Darius McCray what he said. Jaleel said oh she must want a melee. JoMarie said she was going to whip his behind. What TV show from the 90’s would you like to see get a reboot?