‘I’m Unapologetic’: Mo’Nique Hits Back at Backlash Over Bonnet Comments

Mo’Nique set off a debate in the Black community after she called out women who wore bonnets, slippers, robes, scarves, and blankets wrapped around them in the Atlanta airport.

The “Queen of Comedy” asked that women “honor their beauty” by not dressing like they just woke up in public. She doubled down on her words three days after her initial video.

Mo’Nique says she is “okay with you being in your feelings” about her words and doesn’t understand why women would want to “block your beauty.”

“So I am unapologetic about what I said because I said it with nothing but love and I said it with no judgment,” said Mo’Nique. “For the sisters that got it, I’m glad. For the ones that didn’t, I’ll wait.”

Critics on social media called Mo’Nique’s comments a “generational thing” with the older generation thinking respect comes from looking a certain way, while Millenials believe respect should be had no matter what you’re wearing, which philosophy do you agree with?