Janet Mock Shatters Barriers With New Netflix Deal

Contributed by Taylor Ardrey

“Pose” director, producer and writer Janet Mock is knocking down doors and breaking barriers. She has become the first open transgender woman to sign a multi-million deal with a major content company. Mock agreed to a three- year deal with Netflix for first dibs for her future television series and films.

Under this deal, Mock will continue to work and executive produce with her mentor Ryan Murphy on his upcoming Netflix series called ‘Hollywood.’ Despite her new connections with Netflix, Mock will be able to write and producer on on Murphy’s FX series, “Pose.”

“Pose” is a LGBTQ drama based in the 80’s and 90’s revolved around the growth of New York City’s ballroom community. “Pose’ airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

The Netflix and Mock partnership was announced on Netflix’s Strong Black Lead instagram. Mock is committed to using her platform to give a voice to marginalized communities especially for trans women. Her future content is constructed to give the trans community a voice on a more global scale.

“When they tangibly called me and said this is the deal point and this is what we’re going to offer you, it was life changing,” Mock tells Variety. “And I think that I never imagined that that could happen for someone like me. I never saw someone like me with the power and ability to green light her own projects.”

Prior to her directing career, Mock was an author. She wrote a memoir back in 2014 on her transition journey. She is also a human rights advocate,and  former editor at People magazine.

Congrats Janet.