Keke Palmer Partners With Amazon To Highlight Black Women-Owned Businesses

By Brooks Welch

The award-winning actress, entertainer, and entrepreneur Keke Palmer is spending Women’s History Month in like-minded company.

Palmer recently worked with Amazon for a themed series to uplift woman business owners during Women’s History Month. On March 8th, Palmer hosted a sit down conversation between Eunique Jones Gibson, the founder and CEO of #CultureTags, and Obia Ewah, the founder and CEO of OBIA Naturals, to discuss their experiences as self-made Black women and entrepreneurs, and how they are all championing more diverse leadership in business. (via About Amazon)

Entrepreneurship is a cause close to Palmer’s heart. “She became an entrepreneur herself in 2018, heading her own record label, Big Boss Entertainment,” reports Essence.

In a recent interview with Essence, Palmer mentioned Amazon’s new Black Business Accelerator, a program dedicated to helping build sustainable diversity and provide growth opportunities for Black-owned businesses. The financial support needed for mentoring, marketing, and strategic business guidance is not always afforded to Black businesses.

“It’s extremely important and generally stuff like that is expensive,” Palmer stated. “So the fact that Amazon wants to not only give a platform for sellers to sell, but also help them learn how to sell is necessary.”

The selected brands featured in Palmer’s Amazon series are Culture Tags, Obia Naturals, EPIC Everyday, Orijin Bees, Darlyng and Co., LIVE BY BEING, author Crystal Swain-Bates, Kanda Chocolates, and Bossy Cosmetics.

“My work to uplift other women who look like me is something I’m committed to every single day,” said Palmer. “As I evolve as a businesswoman and leader, I am inspired by the opportunity to connect with the women growing small businesses in Amazon’s store, and their work to represent themselves and their communities through their amazing ideas.”