Kevin Durant Shares ‘Profound’ Kanye West Revelations From ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ Documentary

Kevin Durant talked about Kanye’s Jeen-Yuhs documentary on his ETC with Kevin Durant podcast.
He said two things stuck out to him while watching the documentary.
#1 how important Kanye is to his life. He said it was Kanye’s struggles of trying to get on and become a rapper and nobody taking him seriously.
The other thing that stuck out to him was the way Kanye predicted his life. He knew what he was about to do and he was calling everything out.
I get why Kanye is the way he is. We always talk about we want the old Kanye-he was just like this back then too-ranting, real confident.
What did you learn about Kanye while watching his documentary? What is the last documentary you watched?