Kid Capri Reveals He Has COVID-19: “I’m Sick As Hell”

Kid Capri took to Instagram Live to warn his followers to, “Take care of yourselves. F___ the parties, f___hanging out.” He then said, “If you ain’t got to be somewhere, then don’t go. Just relax, cos [sic] this s__ is no joke.”

Capri said his heart was pounding and his back hurt, “I’m pretty far from good.” Capri warned followers, “If you ain’t healthy, it will do you in. So try to stay in.” The legendary DJ mentioned the people who had recently been dying, such as Force MDs Jessie D, although his cause of death hasn’t been revealed.

Capri then mentioned DJ Kay Slay saying he spoke with him and thought he was doing better after being diagnosed with COVID, however, a live viewer alerted Capri of Kay Slay recently being put on a ventilator.

Capri was visibly upset upon hearing the news and at one point turned away from the camera. Capri then ended the live session but warned followers, “Remember, stay out the way.”

Were you recently diagnosed with COVID? What was it like for you?