Lil Kim Wants Verzuz With Nicki Minaj

During a pre-show event for the 2021 BET Awards, Lil Kim said she wants a Verzuz with Nicki Minaj.


Arguably two of the best women rappers to ever do it, this is something fans have been dying to see.

Entertainment Weekly reported “Kim and Minaj have fired shots at each other over the years, with Kim releasing the 2011 song “Black Friday” as a nod to Minaj’s album Pink Friday. She’s called the rapper a “Lil’ Kim clone” and a “wannabe,” while Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” and “Roman’s Revenge” are among the many songs thought to be diss tracks against Kim.”

As of 2018 Lil Kim had positive remarks about Minaj, so it seems there is a mutual respect from the two.

While some fans would prefer a Verzuz between Lil Kim and a rapper of her era such as Foxy Brown, many fans want this battle.

After the Recent Verzuz between Soulja Boy and Bow-Wow, it is safe to say Verzuz has been one of the most entertaining series of 2021.