Nicki Minaj Arrived Late And Demanded Popeyes Chicken

Nicki Minaj has been added to the list of stars that aren’t as punctual as they should be, this was confirmed by Loni Love during a recent appearance on the Daily Pop.

Love confirmed Tiffany Haddish’s Clubhouse conversation about Minaj who said, “Nicki is never on time” after she was being compared to the rapper. “Unlike Nicki, I treat people with respect and dignity,” said Haddish.

Love doubled-down recalling Nicki’s appearance on The Real saying Nicki was an hour late and demanded Popeye’s chicken before she interviewed with Loni.

Loni even had to accompany an intern to get the chicken for Nicki and her team, “after I waited an hour, Nicki came and [she] killed it so it was worth the wait,” said Loni. “Then when I went back to the dressing room, all the chicken was there. I said ‘This was worth it’ — I had the leftover chicken.”

Is lateness your pet peeve? Do you think Nicki being late is worth it?