Mariah Carey Reveals The Secret To Her Famous Christmas Song

It’s Mariah Carey’s season! The singer is making the rounds, talking about her holiday hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Carey appeared on Australia’s “The Project” on Monday (November 25) and besides calling the host by the wrong name she revealed the story behind the festive song.

‘I grew up not having great Christmases, I grew up wanting that thing you see on TV – everything is happy, it is snowing and everything is beautiful, but I had a dysfunctional family and a lot of issues about myself,’ says Carey.

Carey admits that after writing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” she was able to create the Christmas she wanted and is thankful for the song.

‘I have to be thankful for it. It comes from a real place, a place of longing and it’s pretty celebratory,’ Mariah said.

What is your favorite Christmas song?