Mary J. Blige is the First Person in Oscars History to Achieve This Feat

You probably knew Mary J. Blige has been a force as the queen of Hip-Hop Soul music but did you know her acting career set her on the path to achieving an Oscar first?

Blige sat down with Naomi Campbell last year for her web series, “No Filter with Naomi Campbell” and she discussed her role in “Mudbound,” the 2017 Netflix movie that earned Blige an Oscar nomination.

Mary was the first person to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress as well as Best Original Song at the 2018 Academy Awards, unfortunately, she didn’t win either award, but her Oscar nomination brought in her next role in The Umbrella Academy.

“After I did Mudbound, there was [sic] all these roles coming in for me to play that same type of woman. I said no,” Blige admitted. “I said no, and that’s when I got The Umbrella Academy.”

Mary has starred in several movies, what has been your favorite?