Mary J Blige Reacts To Kamala Harris Using ‘Work That’ After Election Win

After her election win, Kamala Harris walked to the stage to deliver her speech with Mary J. Blige’s “Work That” playing in the background.
During a recent interview, Mary talked about the moment.
She said, “I was buggin’, I was so surprised because people was calling me, I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I spoke to my sister the next day, she was like, ‘Yo! Kamala Harris just came out to ‘Work That.” I said, ‘Work That?!'”
She added, “Work That’ which wasn’t a single. But, it was a song that I wrote from my heart. I didn’t know she was a fan. She didn’t even pick ‘Just Fine,’ she picked ‘Work That.’ ‘Work That,’ which only the fans know. So, I would say, thank you, Kamala. She is one of my heroes, for real, today.”
If you could have any song as a theme song, which would you choose?