Michael Strahan Wants Full Custody, Claims Ex-Wife Abuses Kids

Michael Strahan wants primary custody of twin daughters.

Contributed by Amber Cooper

Michael Strahan is accusing his second ex-wife, Jean Muggli Strahan, for abusing their teenage daughters. 

According to lovebscott.comMichael claims Jean’s been engaging in a ‘pattern of abusive conduct towards the children for years’ he claims he’s got proof of the physical and emotional abuse and says he’s gonna detail it in sealed docs.” 

Strahan and his ex-wife married in 1999 and had twin daughters Isabella and Sophia in 2004. They went their separate ways in 2006. 

Strahan wants to obtain primary custody as he claims, “Jean’s not taking their kids to court-ordered therapy sessions and says she’s the reason Sophia and Isabella keep missing their volleyball matches and equestrian events” as stated on TMZ

His ex-wife and daughters currently live in North Carolina, but Strahan would like for his daughters to move in with him in New York 

To make matters even more strained, Strahan and his ex-wife are also going through a rough child support battle.