Nas Says Hearing JAY-Z’s Bars On DJ Khaled Collab Made Him Want To Revise His Own

DJ Khaled’s album, Khaled Khaled, came out on Friday (April 30) and one of the biggest songs to draw a reaction was “Sorry Not Sorry” featuring former rivals, Nas and JAY-Z.

The song finds JAY-Z spitting some fire verses, while a video posted by Khaled gave a behind-the-scenes look at the two iconic artists in the studio together.

“Alright, I’m just here tweaking lines and sh_t,” Nas tells JAY-Z with a smile. “I’m in here, curating, rewriting four bars here and there … oh no no no. I gotta come back [laughs]. Yo bro, this is one. The queen at the end, the harmonies, that gave me chills … this is definitely one for the books.”

According to Khaled’s caption on the Instagram post, there was no rewriting of verses on the song calling it “Perfect and Beautiful.” He went on to write, “I hope this inspires everyone to come together, celebrate each other and to be the LIGHT!”

What is your favorite song on the “Khaled Khaled” album?