Netflix’s Hit ‘Squid Game’ May Be It’s ‘Biggest Show Ever’

‘Squid Game’ is on track to becoming the most-watched show on Netflix.

Contributed by Lauren Taylor

Talk of ‘Squid Game’ is all over… well everywhere. Memes and Tiktoks of ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and a sugar cookie have taken over social media, ‘Squid Game,’ is Netflix’s new binge-worthy show. On September 17th the nine episode series dropped and became an overnight sensation.

Netflix’s Chief Executive officer, Ted Sarandos, said “There’s a show on Netflix right now that is the #1 in the world. Like, everywhere in the world. It’s called ‘Squid Game,’ during #CodeCon.

The show has 456 participants. In this game, you play childhood games for huge amounts of cash. The only hiccup is if you lose a game, you die. Each person in the game has one thing in common. They are in huge debt that they can’t pay back forcing them to play this outrageous game.

The series is on track to becoming the most-watched show on Netflix, beating out Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Bridgerton.’