Nicki Minaj Has Unfollowed Everybody!

There was a bit of ‘stir’ this weekend about who Nicki Minaj was following and not following.
Fans noticed she was not following Megan Thee Stallion and immediately determined there was beef between the two.
Nicki posted a message in her InstaStory writing, bare with me with this following list you guys. Sorting it out.
Nicki has since unfollowed everyone.
Something people may not be aware of is you can only unfollow 50 accounts an hour. If you unfollow more your account can be suspended.
That was probably the case with Nicki, she was slowly unfollowing people.
She also deleted all of her highlights on Instagram except for one.
She also limited her comments on her page.
Did you do any social media cleaning or purging for the New Year?