R. Kelly Associate Admits He Torched One Of The Singer’s Accuser’s Car In Florida

R. Kelly’s associate, Michael Williams pleaded guilty to one count of arson for setting an SUV on fire that was rented by the father of one of R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriends, Azriel Clary.

In exchange for Williams’ plea deal, he won’t be charged with witness tampering and will face between 60 and 71 months in jail.

Back in June, Clary showed a video of her charred video. The court also found that Williams had Googled, “how do fertilizer bombs work?” “witness intimidation” and “case law for tampering with a witness.”

Williams has pleaded guilty along with other associates of Kelly, Donnell Russell, and Richard Arline Jr. R. Kelly has maintained that he has no connection with Williams, Russell, or Arline or their crimes.

Do you think the guilty charge of R. Kelly’s associates will play a part in his own trial?